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Teach Children Teamwork with Clothing from Team Tots

monkey.jpgTeam Tots is a spellbinding preschool show geared toward children ages 0 - 5.

The show will set out to bring back traditional values in a modern and relatable setting through the loveable and endearing characters of Team Tots. Five characters are available on CASUAL or ULTIMATE sports clothing, with football, baseball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse leagues to choose from. All clothing items come embroidered with your child's favorite character in a unique baby basket, bag or backpack. Let Team Tots encourage your child to learn about their favorite sport, while understanding and accepting values such as Teamwork, Friendship and Trust.

In the world of Team Tots there is a character that speaks to every child.

The characters are:

  • Winston: A very athletic mischievous Bulldog
  • Riley: A feminine but very athletic Raccoon
  • Roberto: The overscheduled and nervous little monkey
  • Polly: The cheerful but clumsy Elephant
  • Preston: The Lion cub and unofficial Captain of the team

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